Eco-responsible multimodal transport solution
Combined Rail / River / Road throughout Europe

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Celebrate 10 years
of greener

with Greenmodal !

Inland Solutions

Turnkey door-to-door transport solutions that meet the needs of shipping companies and freight forwarders.


Daily consolidated services across a Europe-wide hub-to-hub rail and river transport network for road haulers and freight forwarders.


Handling, storage, maintenance and railway service solutions at terminals for combined transport operators, railway companies and shippers.

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Let's Rail n'roll!

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Why choose the difficulty over intermodality?

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Do you know our 3 activities?

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Key figures 2021

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205 000 T

of CO2 saved

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258 000 ITUs

480 000 TEUs

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5 000

railway shipments in
France and Europe

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1 060

river shipments
in France

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European Network

Discover all the intermodal routes available across Europe.

Find your routing


The entire NOVATRANS and GREENMODAL TRANSPORT team is proud to announce its participation in the SITL in Paris from the 19th to the 21th 2023 ! On this occasion we will be able to meet, discuss your logistics needs, advise you, and answer your questions. Download your badge and come meet us ! ...

Sustainable Intermodal

One of the major challenges facing our companies is, without any shadow of a doubt, to make economic expansion and environmental protection mutually compatible. Novatrans and Greenmodal work together to that end to provide you with modal shift solutions through combined door-to-door and hub-to-hub transport. Our extensive rail and river network serves all of France and a dozen cities throughout Europe.

Our terminals, wagons and barges, and our committed expert teams make us the go-to business partner for the eco-responsible shipping of your goods. It’s time to switch to combined transport, 10 times cleaner than road haulage and just as reliable.

Entrust your transport to us, its been our passion for 50 years!

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